2020 Regional Convention

As announced by Sweet Adelines International on March 12 all 2020 regional competitions have been cancelled. (Click here to view the complete announcement.) SAI is working on a contingency plan that includes competing via video.  They will issue updates as soon as they are available.


On the regional level, our Regional Convention Committee is working hard on all the aspects of cancelling our contest in Albany.  There are a great amount of details that need to be taken care of so we need to give them some time to handle it.  Thank you for your patience.  In the meantime, we know you all have a lot of questions, and we want to answer them as quickly and effectively as possible.  To do that, we have created a form to gather any questions you might have for us.  Please click on the link below to submit your questions, and we will do our best to address them.  We will work to answer globally, for the benefit of the whole region.

Region 15 Competition Cancellation Questions Poll


Your Regional Management Team and Regional Competition Committee will share additional updates as they become available.



Region 15 Convention & Contest 2020
May 7-10, 2020 • Albany, New York
Content on this page can be accessed by Members of Region 15 only (requires login).
For public information go to sairegion15.org/contest
Or visit our Webcast homepage at malone-media.com/sairegion15

Chorus Competition Liaisons (CCLs), chapter leadership, and competing quartets - Watch this space for order of appearance and other additional contest information as it becomes available!


* Convention Weekend Meal Information now available (CCLs to coordinate chorus orders. See three MEALS attachments below: Instructions, Breakfast Buffet Form, and Banquet Form.)

* Competition Registration Now Open (See SAI competitor page links below, as well as the SAI REGISTRATION and SAI HOW TO REGISTER attachments)

* Hotel Assignments available! (See 2020 HOUSING ASSIGNMENTS attachment below)

* Housing Forms and full instruction sheet available (See HOUSING attachments below)

* 2020 Contest Handbook is now available! (See links below - Word and PDF versions)

Handbook Corrections - From Kathleen Wright, RCC, CM - February 13, 2020
* There is a revised registration form, with price changes. ["REVISED Registration Summary Form 2.13.2020" in attachments list below] The Contest Handbook files below have been updated to include these updated pages.

Handbook Corrections - From Kathleen Wright, RCC, CM - January 22, 2020

* There is a revised version of the registration form from the handbook, with highlighted price changes. Please note these prices when you are sending your list and check to Eileen Welsh. ["REVISED Registration Summary Form 1.22.2020" in attachments list below]
* This year we included the photo order forms rather than waiting for the supplement.  When checks are prepared for the briefing, be sure to write the check to Jon Petersen.
* This year we will have two Showmanship Trial Scorers. Jen Williams is returning to Region 15 for her second contest.



Quartet Boutique Invitation — Form/payment deadline April 15, 2020
Chorus Boutique Invitation — Form/payment deadline April 15, 2020


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