2020 Regional Convention

Region 15 Convention & Contest 2020
May 7-10, 2020 • Albany, New York
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For public information go to sairegion15.org/contest
Or visit our Webcast homepage at malone-media.com/sairegion15

Chorus Competition Liaisons (CCLs), chapter leadership, and competing quartets - Watch this space for order of appearance and other additional contest information as it becomes available!


* Competition Registration Now Open (See SAI competitor page links below, as well as the SAI REGISTRATION and SAI HOW TO REGISTER attachments)

* Hotel Assignments available! (See 2020 HOUSING ASSIGNMENTS attachment below)

* Housing Forms and full instruction sheet available (See HOUSING attachments below)

* 2020 Contest Handbook is now available! (See links below - Word and PDF versions)

Handbook Corrections - From Kathleen Wright, RCC, CM - February 13, 2020
* There is a revised registration form, with price changes. ["REVISED Registration Summary Form 2.13.2020" in attachments list below] The Contest Handbook files below have been updated to include these updated pages.

Handbook Corrections - From Kathleen Wright, RCC, CM - January 22, 2020

* There is a revised version of the registration form from the handbook, with highlighted price changes. Please note these prices when you are sending your list and check to Eileen Welsh. ["REVISED Registration Summary Form 1.22.2020" in attachments list below]
* This year we included the photo order forms rather than waiting for the supplement.  When checks are prepared for the briefing, be sure to write the check to Jon Petersen.
* This year we will have two Showmanship Trial Scorers. Jen Williams is returning to Region 15 for her second contest.



Quartet Boutique Invitation — Form/payment deadline April 15, 2020
Chorus Boutique Invitation — Form/payment deadline April 15, 2020


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