Member of Note

Each year our choruses have the opportunity to recognize one of their own who goes above and beyond in their service to the chapter.

"A Member of Note is someone who works tirelessly for the chapter, has a positive influence on the chapter, and is a great ambassador for the chapter."

These special honorees are selected by their choruses and their names are revealed at VocalFest in the fall. Their Member of Note profiles are featured again in the registration / boutique area during convention weekend in the spring.


Click the links below to learn about our Region 15 Members of Note!


In 2018 this Region 15 recognition program was renamed Member of Note (formerly Woman of Note), in order to be more inclusive and sensitive. Our ranks include variety – male directors or chorus helpers, and folks who may not identify as women, to name a few. The new name recognizes this gender diversity, ensuring we are embracing the full breadth of our regional talent. That said, the criteria for this honor are unchanged! A Member of Note is one who: Works tirelessly for the chapter; has a positive influence on the chapter; and is a great ambassador for the chapter. Whatever the name of this program, we are thrilled to continue shining a light on these superstars who go the extra mile for us!