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Singers looking to Quartet

Name  Affiliation  Voice Part willingness to travel

How would you describe
your quartet experience?

What are you looking for in a quartet?
Vicki Warnock  Region 15, Heart of NJ Chorus  Bass 30 minutes Intermediate  An opportunity to harmonize, to enjoy good company, to have fun, and to develop strong blended music that rings those chords
Jeri Schwartz New York Tenor Long Island Beginner  Fun, chance to harmonize, to sing together and possibly form a new quartet
Portia Licciardello  Heart of NJ Region 15 Bass 30 - 45 minutes Intermediate To have fun, perform on chorus shows and singouts, possibly compete on the regional stage.
Helen Vopasek  New Jersey Tenor 45 minutes Experienced fun singing, performing, maybe compete
Christina Miller Region 4 Lead / Baritone As far as I need to Beginner - Intermediate Fun but dedication
Jennifer Randolph Jersey Harmony Chorus, Central New Jersey Tenor 1 to 2 hours Beginner - Intermediate Would like to compete and develop my singing ability
Taylor M. Wood-Frederick Based in Queensbury, NY Tenor or Lead 2 1/2 to 3 hours Intermediate To compete and enjoy the experience.
Pat Miller Region 15, Evergreen Bass 1 1/2 hours or lets talk Beginner Developing my performance experience
Donna Komrowski Region 15, Spirit of Syracuse Tenor Negotiable Intermediate Enjoyment, learning, and potential for regional/international success!
Jeri Schwartz Region 15, Greater Nassau Chorus Tenor Not sure yet Beginner Looking to learn the art of the quartet in order to compete. (I have sung bel canto, opera, aria, jazz, and in college choirs.)
Linda Ecklund Region 1, Farmington Valley Chorus Lead Up to 2 hours, possibly more Intermediate /
Like minded barbershop fanatics who love to learn! Contest experience a plus but not required
Mary Coleman location: South Jersey Bass NJ Area Beginner Singing
Vicky Green Saratoga Soundtrack Lead Negotiable Beginner

eventually compete,
positive learning atmosphere

Julie Enriquez Harmony Celebration Bass Negotiable Intermediate Wants to compete,
but also have fun while doing so.
Bonnie Auriemma Hickory Tree Bass Negotiable Intermediate great harmony, dedication, gigs, cameraderie

Quartets looking for missing parts(s)

Quartet Name
or contact 
Travel Affiliation Current experience What are you looking for in a quartet member?
Balancing Act Quartet (Jennifer Wiseman)   Tenor 45 mins from Freehold NJ Liberty Oak Chorus. Freehold are Experienced Someone who loves to laugh and have fun, enjoys performing in as many situations as time allows, and who ideally can rehearse weekly--we have a big repertoire and work hard, but also adore being with each other to share our lives and a glass of wine. 
Julie Enriquez Tenor South Jersey and North Jersey Area Harmony Celebration, Lehigh Valley, and CAL Experienced

We want to compete and enjoy the journey along the way. We enjoy singing and learning together and ringing those chords.

We are looking to grow and improves as individual singers as well as a quartet.

Laura Partynski Tenor We rehearse in the Morris county area. Liberty Oak and CAL Experienced
Looking to continue our quartet journey after our 2018 Region 15 5th place award.
Karen Pulfer Lead TBD Harmony Celebration, Liberty Oak, CAL Experienced
We want to compete and enjoy the journey!
Sharon Guzi Tenor
2 hours HCC and CAL Medalist