2022 Regional Convention

Region 15 Convention & Competition 2022
May 12-15, 2022 • Albany, NY
We are thrilled to be returning to an in-person contest this year!
There will be a webcast for those unable to join is un Albany. (Click for details!)
Friday, May 13 - QUARTET CONTEST - Click for stage times
Saturday, May 14 - CHORUS CONTEST - Click for stage times

Friday, May 13, 2022

10:00 am through close of quartet contest  -  Boutique open

11:00 am – 7:00 pm  -  Spectator buses between Hilton and ESPCC

11:30 am  -  Registration/ticket sales desk opens at ESPCC

Noon  -  Region 15 Mass Sing – West Capitol Park   (if weather permits.  No rain venue.)

1:30 pm  -  Quartet Contest 


Saturday, May 14, 2022

11:30 am through close of chorus contest  -   Boutique open

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm  -  Spectator buses between Hilton and ESPCC

1:00 pm  -  Registration/ticket sales desk opens at ESPCC

2:30 pm  -  Chorus Contest

Approx. 5:45 pm  -  Regional Awards Program immediately following chorus contest (On-stage, ESPCC)

Competition will take place at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center (ESPCC).
You will be able to purchase an event ticket on-site. Please note that audience members must be masked, and everyone in attendance must either be fully vaccinated or provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event.
Region 15 Members
You will register for contest, hotel, meals, etc. through your Chorus Competition Liaison (CCL).
The all-member contest correspondence sent to date is included below, for your reference.
To advertise in the Contest Program 2022, visit https://sairegion15.org/regionalad
(This form outlines all of the options, prices, and payment methods.)

Region 15 Contest Webcast 2022
We’re very pleased to announce that we will have a webcast!
There will be a $25 per person fee to access the webcast.
This fee covers the full weekend, for both the Quartet and Chorus competitions, as well as post-competition on-demand access. In addition to sharing live events from Albany on May 13 and May 14, the on-demand version of the webcast will include all on-stage performances, plus the video submissions from those who are not performing in person. (On-demand access will be available for one year.)
Watch this space for full webcast registration and access details coming soon!

For reference, here are the All-Member messages sent to Region 15:

This message was emailed to all members of Region 15 on March 3, 2022...

TO: All Members of Region 15
FROM: Barbara Wright, CRC, Regional Convention Committee
Hello, Region 15!
As you can imagine, planning for contest/convention this year has been a challenge. The Regional Convention Committee (RCC) has been hard at-work since the decision was made to go live, putting together the best possible program for our members while providing the safest plan for all involved. To that end, several changes have been necessary in order to move forward, while trying to meet everyone’s expectations. The following information has been communicated to Chorus Directors, Chapter Presidents / Team Coordinators, and Chorus Competition Liaisons (CCLs), and is shared with you below:
We will once again be performing on-stage at the ESPCC. The space in that venue is large enough to accommodate all choruses, PLUS a sizable audience – and still maintain appropriate distancing. Everyone (except those performing on stage) will be masked; everyone, including audience members, must either be fully vaccinated or provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event.
The weekend’s schedule hasn’t changed greatly from what you’re used to: Chorus/quartet briefing on Thursday night, quartet walk-through and Quartet Contest on Friday, Chorus Contest on Saturday. Each contest will probably be somewhat shorter in duration based on the number of contestants.
We will only contract with the Hilton Hotel to provide lodging and rehearsal space this year. This is a result of the reduced number of individuals who have indicated that they will need lodging. We are NOT contracting with the Hampton. It is critical that registration deadlines are met – if registration is made after the deadline date of March 15, lodging in our Hilton block may not be available, and individuals would need to make their own lodging and transportation arrangements. As always, the Chorus Competition Liaisons (CCLs) will be coordinating your chapter's hotel needs, and submitting the proper forms to the RCC Housing Coordinator. Hospitality suites are available at the discretion of each chorus (the RCC takes no responsibility for this choice on behalf of individual choruses.) Consideration should be given to the fact that hotel check-out time is 11 a.m. If you’re staying at the hotel you may want to book your room for Saturday night since you’ll need a place to prepare for contest on Saturday and store your belongings. It’s graduation weekend in Albany, and the hotel is unlikely to extend late check-out privileges that weekend.
* Meals at the hotel: Currently the menu at the Hilton Hotel is extremely limited. Additionally, the hotel is only running modified room service – the food is not delivered to your room, you need to go to the restaurant to pick it up. HOWEVER, the hotel has put together exclusive meal offerings for us over the weekend (we encourage you to take advantage of these offers, since the cost of each meal is applied directly to the region’s contracted food and beverage minimums.) Meal options are:
Thursday Evening – Boxed Dinner –  $28 per person
Includes pasta salad, chips, fruit, cookie, water – and choice of the following:
* Thanksgiving Day Turkey – oven-roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, cranberry mayo on whole wheat
* Roast Beef and Cheddar – including lettuce and tomato on a French roll
* Veggie Wrap – roasted eggplant, hummus, red peppers, wild greens
* Black Forest ham and Swiss – on marbled rye with lettuce, tomato.
Add grab-and-go soda for $4.00
Friday Dinner Buffet –  $30 per person
(individuals will be masked and hotel will provide food service gloves for everyone so there will be no community contamination of serving utensils)
* Salad bar with soup * Roll and butter * Vegetable medley * Garlic smashed potatoes * Parmesan encrusted chicken * Seafood stuffed sole in lemon butter * Chef choice of dessert * Includes one non-alcoholic beverage
Saturday Breakfast Buffet – $24 per person
(individuals will be masked and hotel will provide food service gloves for everyone so there will be no community contamination of serving utensils) 
To be requested by individual chorus as usual.
Meal reservations are to be made through your chorus and are due by April 15.
There will be no banquet this year. This decision was made in order reduce the potential for disease transmission. Regional awards will be made in a separate program at the ESPCC immediately after the conclusion of the official SAI Contest.
Details for a Mass Sing are still being ironed out at this time, but would be on Friday at noon, possibly in West Capitol Park (adjacent to the Capitol Plaza). 
There are several waivers needing your signature this year – either required by Sweet Adelines International, or by the Region. Please be sure to sign when presented with the documents by your Chorus Competition Liaison (CCL). We recognize that no one wants more paper – however the current environment dictates that these are necessary.
We’ll keep you informed of any additional changes, if they occur. We can’t wait to see you all in May!
Barbara Wright
Region 15 Convention Coordinator
P.S. Remember that you can submit any queries via our Contest Questions Form.
(Here’s the URL in case the hyperlink does now work: https://forms.gle/sRTq98Rvkah9FxpU6)

This message was emailed to all members of Region 15 on February 4, 2022...

Regional Convention COVID Protocols Update - Addendum
TO: All Members of Region 15
FROM: Barbara Wright, Competition Regional Chair, Regional Convention Committee
The following information is being provided in order to clarify my earlier communication regarding COVID protocols for Region 15’s Contest/Convention in May, as there appear to be two areas of concern:
VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS: The definition of what it means to be "fully vaccinated" is evolving even as the CDC has remained careful not to change it officially. So as of today’s date, per the CDC, fully vaccinated means that an individual has completed at least 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson – and is at least 2 weeks post-vaccine. Boosters, while recommended, are NOT required for registration at this time. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that the CDC’s definition may change between now and May, and we will follow whatever the CDC’s guidelines and New York State’s mandates for large gatherings are at the time of contest.
MASKING: The RMT's original email release in December indicated that masks would be required of all non-singers. What that means to me is that masking would not be required of a competing chorus while on stage but will be required of everyone (competitors included) at all other times. If there are additional instructions forthcoming from International, or if the judges on-site at our contest offer additional options regarding masking while performing, we will make that information available to all. HOWEVER – please remain aware that this protocol is subject to change based on the COVID environment at the time of contest.
I wish I had a crystal ball so we could know what the situation will be in May. We can only remain flexible as we wade into uncharted territory regarding our response to COVID, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we progress toward convention.  The only thing that is certain, in my mind, is that some things are sure to change between now and then.
I hope this relieves any concern you might have regarding these issues. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
In harmony,
Barbara Wright

This message was emailed to all members of Region 15 on February 3, 2022...

Regional Convention COVID Protocols Update
TO: All Members of Region 15
FROM: Barbara Wright, Competition Regional Chair, Regional Convention Committee
Hello, everyone -
I want to take a moment to update you regarding a change in COVID protocols that will be in place for our regional convention in May:
In an effort to align with SAI's decision and protocols regarding COVID, all convention/contest attendees - both competitors and audience - will be required to be fully vaccinated (including boosters) in order to attend, OR if not fully vaccinated, will be required to show valid ID and proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the event. Adherence to these protocols will enable members to register for contest, and will allow admission to the ESPCC for them and our audience. Masking is required of everyone in attendance, regardless of their status as a competitor or visitor.     
As always, these protocols are subject to change based on the current health environment and New York State regulations. Hopefully the information provided today will help you make an informed decision regarding your participation in May. We certainly hope to see you there, as we continue to make Convention plans with the health and safety of all in mind.
The Regional Convention Committee is in the process of updating the Convention Handbook with further information regarding registration, etc., and will release it a little later this month.  
In harmony,
Barbara Wright
Greater NY/NJ Region 15


This message was emailed to all members of Region 15 on January 31, 2022...

Region 15 Contest Entry Now Open
TO: All Members of Region 15
FROM: Your Regional Convention Committee (RCC)
We are pleased to share the below email with you, regarding contest registration. (This is the official ensemble competition registration with Sweet Adelines HQ. Stay tuned for further information on member registration, hotel details, and other region-level event specifics!)
As a reminder, Region 15 Convention and Contest will take place May 12-15, 2022 in Albany, NY. 
As noted below, please contact Regional Convention Coordinator, Barbara Wright ([email protected]) with any questions.
Greetings Region 15 choruses and quartets!
Contest entry is now open for Region 15. Your chorus leaders and quartet prime contacts may now register for your region's contest.
Region 15 is holding a live, in-person contest. This means that your chorus/quartet must attend live in order to be eligible to compete in the International Division. However, any competitor that does not wish to attend the live contest may still submit a video for adjudication by their official panel in either the Open Division, or for Evaluation Only.
The following links will take you to the regional competition web Pages. There are several helpful documents on these pages. Be sure to thoroughly read this year’s information, located at the links below:
Please note that the entry deadline for your region is 60 days prior to the contest date. If you register for competition after the entry (60 day) deadline, you will have an additional $100 fee added onto your registration. As well as the late fee, your chorus/quartet will not be entered into the initial draw for order of appearance, drawn 55 days prior to competition, but rather in a secondary draw two weeks later (after the late entry deadline).
No entries will be accepted after the late entry (45 day) deadline - no exceptions!
Remember: Only chorus presidents/team coordinators, directors, or treasurers can register a chorus (or prospective chorus) for competition, and only the quartet contact can register a quartet.
Please contact your Regional Convention Coordinator (Barbara Wright - [email protected]) if you have questions.
All the best –
Kaitie Bailey
Events and Competition Coordinator
Sweet Adelines International
9110 S Toledo Ave
Tulsa, OK 74137


This message was emailed to all members of Region 15 on December 6, 2021...

TO: All Members of Region 15
FROM: Lori Britt Horvath (Region 15 Team Coordinator) & Kay Weiss (Region 15 Events Coordinator)
We have some very exciting news to share! After much careful consideration, research, and communication with our chorus leaders, the Regional Management Team (RMT) has decided to go forward with an in-person contest for Spring of 2022! As you can imagine, all the details have not been set at this point but here are the things we do know for sure:
Date:  May 12-15, 2022
Location:  Albany, NY
We will be requiring proof of full vaccination status for contestants and audience members to attend. Full vaccination status will align with how the CDC defines it at the time of contest registration. (General consensus from the research we have done is that “fully vaccinated” in Spring of 2022 will most likely mean 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna plus the booster, or 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson plus the booster.) We will also be requiring masks for all who are not performing, just like they are doing in Broadway theaters and other live performance venues. Of course, this may change based on evolving guidance from the CDC and local regulations from New York State. We will have definitive requirements for attendance at the time of registration.  
We wanted you to have this information now so that you can plan to have everything in place for the spring. We will provide further details as they become available. The Regional Convention Committee and the RMT are working hard to renegotiate our contracts and set our guidelines in place to provide everyone with the safest and most worry-free experience possible. Please be patient as our plans continue to take shape.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in the RMT as we continue to serve you, the most amazing members of Region 15. This was not an easy decision for the RMT to make and we did it with the advisement of your chorus leaders, medical professionals, and current CDC and New York State guidance. We understand that some of you may not be comfortable attending and some of you may not agree with our decision to require vaccines and masks. If you would like to express your opinion about this, we ask that you do so in a respectful manner. 
We are so excited to continue planning for a fabulous “welcome back” weekend in May with as many of you as possible. It will be so wonderful to share the music we love with each other in person once again.
In Harmony,
Lori Britt Horvath, RMT Team Coordinator
Kay Weiss, RMT Events Coordinator