December 2019: Why Does the Regional Banquet Cost So Much?

From your Region 15 Regional Convention Committee (RCC)

As we get closer to our regional competition weekend we would like to take some time to share information from your Regional Convention Committee.  This group has been working hard since the Sunday of our last convention weekend to plan a positive and wonderful experience for our members. It is our goal to execute a smooth and fun-filled weekend for all.

Each year, we ask for feedback from our quartets and choruses to find out what works and what needs more attention.  During this process we have discovered that many of our members really don’t know all that is involved in putting this weekend together and we would like to try and shed some light on this for all of you.  Over the next few months we will try to include a few topics of interest and explain a bit of what happens behind the scenes. Please feel free to reach out at anytime with questions or topics you want explained.

December 2019

Why does the regional banquet cost so much??

The regional banquet is a great way for all of us to come together in celebration of all we have accomplished over the weekend.  We love to share together in a nice meal, some adult beverages, awards presentations, and championship performances. But we hate that we have to pay so much.

There are many reasons for the price.  It isn’t just the plate you have before you, but so many other factors.  Our food and beverage minimums are set by contract (which is part of the reason we can offer lower room rates for the weekend).  The dinners at the banquet are a huge part of us making our contract obligations each year.

There are various other things that are being included in the banquet price, such as:

* Hotel service charges
* Room rental
* Mics and staging equipment
* Wait staff
* Table linens
* Awards
* Guests

The RCC works hard to get us the very best food at the very best price.  This year when you decide whether or not to attend the regional banquet think of this — can you get a dinner and a show much cheaper anywhere else??