Amanda “Sky” Harris Receives 2022 Harriette Walters Leadership Award

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May 19, 2022 - 4:32pm -- Victoria Tisch
As announced on Saturday, May 14 in Albany, during the Regional Awards Celebration, AMANDA “SKY” HARRIS has been named our Harriette Walters Leadership Award Winner for 2022!
Harriette Walters (Master Director 700, Greater Nassau Chorus) revealed our winner, and Lori Britt-Horvath (Region 15 Management Team Coordinator) presented the award to Sky.
Here are some highlights from Harriette’s remarks:
“A second generation barbershopper and career music teacher, Sky motivates and inspires the members of Spirit of Syracuse Chorus on a weekly basis. She strives for excellence and serves as a role model for all – and puts herself last and all members first!
She is also a pioneer in promoting the barbershop art form within the region and SAI by leading youth workshops (SayAcaFest) and Lakeside Acapella Camp. She shares her knowledge and passion with others by serving as both a chorus and quartet coach.   
She lives by the motto, ‘barbershop changes lives and barbershoppers change lives.’
Sky is the ultimate example of a service leader."
A special congratulations to Sky Harris on receiving this year's Harriette Walters Leadership Award!
We're incredibly fortunate to have her as a member of Region 15.
Photo above courtesy of Sky Harris, and features Sky surrounded by three of her former high school students who all sing with her in Spirit of Syracuse Chorus. (L to R: Lexi Bruening, Macenzie Bigness, Sky Harris, and Rachel Ward) 

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