Judge Specialists Inform and Illuminate at ASK THE JUDGES

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November 20, 2021 - 1:32pm -- Victoria Tisch
On Friday, November 19, the Region 15 Management Team hosted ASK THE JUDGES!
This virtual event featured a roundtable discussion, led by Region 15 Education Coordinator Jean Schoenlank, with our four Sweet Adelines Judge Specialists: 
Beth Smith (Sound)
Jana Gutenson (Music)
Vickie Maybury (Expression)
Becki Hine (Visual Communication)
The event was planned a few months ago, but it became especially timely with the recent announcement from Sweet Adelines International that Regional Contests will proceed (in some form) in 2022. It was a prime opportunity to hear from our judge specialists!
The regional membership was invited to submit questions ahead of the event, and we also addressed questions submitted via Facebook on the night.
We thank our distinguished and experienced panel of experts (our “friends with pencils”) for an engaging, candid, informative, and inspirational night!

For those who may have missed it, the event was also recorded, and the video is available on the Greater NY / NJ Region 15 Facebook page.


[You don't need to be a Facebook user to watch the video.]
During the event, Jana Gutenson referenced some song selection resources from Vicki Uhr and Marge Bailey.
We have supplied links to some of those materials here, for your convenience:

• Handout: Choosing Music

Includes content from Vicki Uhr, Marge Bailey, Carolyn Butler, and others.

• Sweet Adelines Education Resources Page: https://sweetadelines.com/education/directors/forms-and-templates

Visit here for links to the Judging Category Description Book (JCDB), information on Performance Levels, a Checklist for Music Selection -- as well as a few documents by Marge Bailey on Music Selection.

Many thanks to our panelists (Beth, Jana, Vickie, and Becki), our host (Jean), and our tech director (Alexis DePersia-Norelli) for making this night possible.
(This was the November installment in our monthly virtual events series, brought to you by your Regional Management Team.)