Evelyn Langenstein

Regional Membership Coordinator

(elected by regional membership)

  • Represents the interests of chapter management and membership on the Regional Management Team.
  • Communicates chapter needs and issues to the Regional Management Team.
  • Provides and facilitates a forum for presidents/team coordinators at regional events. 
  • Instills in the members of the region an awareness of their relationship to the organization, to the region, and to other choruses.
  • Develops a plan, in conjunction with the Education Coordinator, to teach chapters in revitalization ways to attract new members and retain existing ones.
  • Plans and implements programs in the areas of membership growth and retention.
  • Works in coordination with the Marketing Coordinator on membership growth and retention plans.
  • Visits and maintains regular contact with chartered chapters to promote membership growth and retention programs.
  • Guides prospective chapters through the Steps Toward Chartering program.
  • Assists chapter in revitalization with growth and retention programs.
  • Develops support staff to assist in planning and implementing programs such as: Steps Toward Chartering; membership recruitment; member retention and chapters in revitalization.
  • Appoints a Chapter-At-Large Coordinator to ensure CAL members’ awareness and inclusion in regional events, programs and publications.
  • Appoints a Chapter Coordinator to maintain regular contact with chapter presidents/team leaders to assess and communicate chapter needs to the Membership Coordinator.
  •  Maintains contact with appropriate staff at International headquarters.
  •  Maintains comprehensive records and forwards materials to successor.
  • Trains their successor.
  • Appoints staff to assist with the implementation of responsibilities.