Jean Schoenlank

Regional Education Coordinator

(an international appointment)

  • Develops, coordinates, and monitors regional educational programs in conjunction with other coordinators.
  • Plans curriculum for educational events such as seminars and workshops.
  • Works in conjunction with the Events and Marketing Coordinators on marketing events
  • Coordinates regional faculty visits to choruses.
  • Maintains five year education plan document.
  • Implements the chapter revitalization plan for maintaining the integrity of the musical product and administrative process as outlined in the RMT Handbook.
  • Approves chapters and prospective chapters for public performance.
  • Auditions chapter-at-large quartets for public performance.
  • Develops faculty or staff to assist in implementing regional educational programs.
  • Appoints an Arrangers Coordinator who administers the program that offers training for aspiring arrangers within the region.
  • Appoints a YWIH Coordinator to educate and inform the musical leaders in each chorus about the YWIH program.
  • Appoints a DCP Coordinator who administers the program within the region.
  • Maintains contact with appropriate staff members at international headquarters.
  • Maintains comprehensive records and forwards materials to their successor.
  • Trains their successor.
  • Appoints staff to assist with the implementation of responsibilities as needed.