Brown Eyed Girls

Greater Nassau, Sirens of Gotham, Region 15 Chapter at Large
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Tenor - Helen O'Rourke
Lead - Meredith Glemboski
Baritone - Erika Ji
Bass - Ailed Hernandez

The Brown Eyed Girls Quartet is an award-winning ensemble based in New York City. The four young women in this Sweet Adelines International quartet represent both the Greater Nassau Chorus and the Sirens of Gotham Chorus in Region 15. Their musical journey is off to a thrilling start — they received the Novice Quartet Award at their first region contest, finished as Silver and Bronze Medalists at their first three region contests, and have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning. These four “brown eyed girls” are excited to share their music with you!

Awards and Achievements: 

CBS Sunday Morning - Featured Performers (video)
2019 Region 15 Quartet Contest - 2nd Place
2018 Region 15 Quartet Contest - 3rd Place
2017 Region 15 Quartet Contest - 2nd Place
2017 Region 15 Quartet Contest - Novice Quartet Award