My Favorite Warmup & Vocal Wellness - EVENT CANCELLED - Aug 13, 2021

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Aug 13 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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As announced in our August 8 email to the membership, this regional virtual event is cancelled.
Dear Region 15 - We have some good news and some bad news. 
The good news is that many of our choruses have been taking advantage of the warmer weather and vaccination status to meet (safely!) for singing in-person over the past couple of months, and many members have been increasing their social activities and vacation plans.
The bad news is that everyone is so busy that we did not get enough submissions to host a meaningful session on August 13, so we will be canceling this virtual event. (To those who did create videos, your efforts are appreciated, and we will be glad to share them with the membership on our Facebook page.)
Our virtual events series will resume next month. As the song goes, "See you in September..." for VocalFest!
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(Dates subject to change.)
* CANCELLED: August 13 — My Favorite Warm-up / Vocal Wellness
* September 18 — Virtual VocalFest {Note the date change from 9/11 to 9/18}
* October 22 — Member of Note Recognition 2021
Events also planned for November and December!




The August installment in our Virtual Events Series will be My Favorite Warmup & Vocal Wellness, where we plan to feature submissions gathered from members of the region.
We're calling on all of the creative and talented members of Region 15 to help supply content for the event. We're looking to crowd-source favorite Vocal WarmupsPhysical Warmups, and/or Vocal Wellness Tips.
Know a great warmup to navigate the passaggio? 
Want to demo the Peel Banana warmup?
Have ideas for protecting our voices as we begin to ramp up in-person rehearsals?
Teach a tag or round - feel free to enlist friends and get creative!
All submissions welcome, and we'll share as many as we can.
We will be sending a member poll soon, to capture submissions and let you know where to post materials, but we wanted to share this invitation now to get you all thinking!
We're wide open to ideas, but we do have One Important Guideline: Please do not just share links to YouTube videos. Using these in closed virtual rehearsals is fine, but playing these in a live streaming event can carry copyright issues. And beyond that -- we want to feature YOU, our Region 15 talent! Your submission can be a homegrown idea, or something you have picked up from another singer, coach, or performer, but we're ultimately looking for original video recordings that run us through the activity. Share a clip of you leading a warmup from a rehearsal recording** or record something new. We may also have some folks join us live during the event to demo their warmup or share their wellness tip! (In the forthcoming poll, there will be a place to note whether you would be open to this.)
We're excited to share ideas from the length and breadth of our region, chorus to chorus, member to member!
If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email and ask Vicki.
Thanks in advance,
Jeanne Elmuccio & Vicki Tisch 
(August Event Co-Chairs, on behalf of your Region 15 RMT)
** If approved by your chorus
Program finalized: