Harmony - 2017 Quartet Champions

Greater Nassau, Bridges of Harmony, Sirens of Gotham
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Sarah Clay Lindvall - TENOR-  Sirens of Gotham Chapter
Kim A Higdon - LEAD - Hilton Head Shore Notes Chapter,  Bridges of Harmony Chapter
Harriette Walters - BARITONE-  Greater Nassau Chapter
Leigh A. Dorman-  BASS - Greater Nassau Chapter

Our Recent News

Aug 24 2017 - 4:47pm

Hello Region 15!

Harmony is SO excited to represent Regions 15 and 9 in Las Vegas!  “This is really happening!”  That’s the phrase uttered so often in our rehearsals, because we feel incredibly lucky to have found each other, and to be supported by our Regions!  You have been so generous with your encouraging words, giving hugs, and gifts of love, that we are forever humbled. Thank You!

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