Region 15 Arranger Programs


Have you ever wondered what makes great arrangements tick?

Why do some arrangements sing better than others?

What makes those chords ring? 


Why not consider participating in one of these arranging programs and learn the elements that make barbershop harmony different from the others?


     There are two arranger programs available to Region 15 members. 
     Members can participate in either or both.
See below for details! (You can also click on the program name above to jump to the applicable section below.)


SAI Arranger Certification Program (ACP)
The Arranger Certification Program (ACP) is a new educational program, introduced by SAI in May 2019.  It is designed to provide training and develop skills for potential arrangers, as well as directors, quartet members and musical leaders who would like a better understanding of how to analyze and arrange music in the barbershop style.
It provides opportunities to develop and validate the skills and knowledge required to evaluate and create arrangements for barbershop singers.
The program is broken into three skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Program participants are not required to complete all three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
* Beginner
  • This is a self-paced program consisting of nine modules
  • Similar to the DCP, there is a $100 registration fee and skill area tests are given to assess the individual’s level of understanding.
  • Upon successful completion of the nine modules, the user will receive a Certificate of Completion.
* Intermediate
  • A participant who successfully completes the Beginner level is eligible to enter the Intermediate level.
  • This level consists of a mentor that works with a small groups of individuals
  • The group works independently on a variety of activities with group collaboration.
  • Upon successful completion of the Intermediate level, the participant earns the title of Approved Arranger.
* Advanced
  • The advanced level of the ACP is the old IMAP scholarship program and consists of a separate application/registration process.
  • Applicants must have completed the equivalent of the Beginner and Intermediate levels – and are required to submit three arrangements that they have arranged independently.
ACP information and application:  SAI Arranger Certification Progam
Contact the Region 15 ACP Coordinator, Jeanne Elmuccio for more information.


Region 15 Arrange-by-Email Program
Region 15 is fortunate to have had this Arrange-by-Email program in place for many years. Sonny Steffan has been the regional Arrange-by-Email Coordinator for this program and will continue to support this option.
This program is available for those individuals looking for a less structured arranger education option than the ACP.
This program allows you to work at your own pace. Sonny Steffan provides mentoring and personal critiquing of arrangements.
There is no registration fee and there are no tests associated with this program. This is NOT a certification program.
Contact the Region 15 ACP Coordinator, Sonny Steffan for more information.