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Singers looking to Quartet

Name  Affiliation  Voice Part willingness to travel

How would you describe
your quartet experience?

What are you looking for in a quartet?
Karen Pulfer Liberty Oak Baritone 2 maybe 3 hours Medalist Dedication and fun



Quartets looking for missing parts(s)

Quartet Name
or contact 
Travel Affiliation Current experience What are you looking for in a quartet member?
Extension Chords Baritone negotiable Heart of New Jersey Intermediate

We enjoy singing and learning together.
We are looking to grow and improve as
individual singers as well as a quartet.
We like to perform at public performances
and chorus shows. We currently have no
aspirations to compete regionally.
We like to have fun !

After Hours
Angela Dourdis
Baritone 50 miles Capitaland Intermediate

After Hours is a Region 15 Quartet who loves
presenting a fun, cleverly planned, well executed
Performance Package onstage each year at
Contest. We are not in the International Track.
Looking for a Baritone who has commitment,
sings well and prepared to have fun.
The Quartet lives near Poughkeepsie! NY but
are members of Capitaland Chorus in Albany.
Thank you for your interest!

Sharon Guzi Tenor
2 hours HCC and CAL Medalist  
Amy Cordero Bass 60 miles Greater Nassau  Experienced

Someone motivated, flexible, responsible and
hard working, easygoing, with good sense of
humor. We work hard but love to laugh. Lots of
focus and energy, and able to sell the message
of a song with character and emotion.
Open to coaching, singing out and competing.

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