Harmony Quartet: “This is really happening!” 

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August 24, 2017 - 4:47pm -- Leigh Anne Dorman

Hello Region 15!

Harmony is SO excited to represent Regions 15 and 9 in Las Vegas!  “This is really happening!”  That’s the phrase uttered so often in our rehearsals, because we feel incredibly lucky to have found each other, and to be supported by our Regions!  You have been so generous with your encouraging words, giving hugs, and gifts of love, that we are forever humbled. Thank You!

As many know, long distance quartetting can be a challenge, but we are resolute in continuing our journey, well…. because Harmony has formed a bond that is unbreakable by distance.  But those airline miles are adding up because our Sarah has just moved to Atlanta!  It’s an exciting time for Sarah and her sweet husband Brian, as they embark on a new adventure, but no worries, our Sarah is Harmony forever.  Kim has also been on the adventure of starting a new chorus in Region 9.  Please welcome Bridges of Harmony to the Harmony family!  We’ve just returned from Florida where we were thrilled to be asked to sing at Bridge’s Charter Party, and it was a blast, getting to meet and spend time with new Region 9 friends!  While in Florida, we also had the great occasion to coach with the incomparable Ruth Ann Parker, and then we all flew back to New York to work with the amazing Carole Persinger, followed by time with the one and only Betty Clipman.  To say we are grateful is the understatement of the year.  Harriette, our Harriette, is a mini dynamo of energy and love, and is busy readying Greater Nassau Chorus for their own trip to Vegas, and Harmony is so thankful that there will be a big group cheering for us in that huge MGM arena!  Leigh Anne, our ‘upstate’ bass, is traveling to Nassau County so often that her phone now thinks she has two homes, but having the chance to sing in Greater Nassau and Harmony is a dream come true, so watch out Southern State Parkway, here she comes!  To our choruses, Greater Nassau, Sirens of Gotham, and Bridges of Harmony, we say thank you for the opportunity to represent you on that stage.  We hope to make you proud!  With Love and Harmony, Sarah, Kim, Leigh Anne, Harriette