Leadership Day 2024 with Paula Davis

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March 3, 2024 - 5:53pm -- Victoria Tisch
On Saturday, February 3 we gathered on Zoom for Region 15’s annual Leadership Day to learn from Paula Davis. As always, the program was open to everyone in the region – both current and aspiring leaders. The event was moderated by Region 15 Education Coordinator, Jean Schoenlank, and was attended by members from around the region.
The day included advice for both musical and administrative leaders. In addition to the sessions led by Paula Davis, there were breakout sessions led by members of our own Regional Management Team and Regional Faculty.
Breakout roundtable groups for Administrative Leaders:
* Membership - facilitated by Evelyn Langenstein
* Marketing & Fundraising Ideas - facilitated by Alexis DePersia-Norelli
* Event Planning - facilitated by Gretchen Danby
* Chorus Leadership - facilitated by Lori Britt Horvath
Breakout roundtable groups for Musical Leaders:
* Directors and Assistant Directors - facilitated by Harriette Walters
* Section Leaders - facilitated by Jeannie Froelich
* Visual Leaders - facilitated by Diane Sussuma
Many thanks to Paula Davis, Jean Schoenlank, and our breakout session leaders for a wonderful motivational morning!
Not able to Leadership Day?
Were you there, but want to revisit one of the sessions?
We are excited to announce that the classes led by Paula Davis were recorded, and the videos and handouts are available for viewing (links below).
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Paula Davis Class Recordings / Presentation Decks:
Helping Your Chorus Succeed (for all attendees)
Values, visioning, and action planning for all leaders and all choruses (small, medium, large)
Creating a Culture of Positive Growth (for Directors and Musical Leaders)
Creating a positive chorus culture or changing an existing one requires energy, intent and leadership. This class for musical leaders explored what is needed to create a culture of positive growth, what elements are found in any organization’s positive culture and how we can build it into our own choruses.
Effective Teamwork (for Administrative Leaders)
In this class administrative leaders explored the challenges of working together, how to communicate with the team and individuals, how to build accountability into your team experience, and maintaining a healthy, high-performance team.


As a reminder, Leadership Day 2024 was FREE to attend. The videos and materials are also available to you gratis - but we are accepting voluntary contributions via PayPal to help support regional programming. (Region 15 suggest a $15 contribution, but we invite you to donate what you can.)




Paula Davis is a past President of Sweet Adelines International. A Sweet Adelines member for over 30 years, Paula is also an Expression Judge Specialist, Certified Expression Judge, Certified International Faculty, SAI Board of Directors member, and Chair of the International Review Board. She has sung with--and been the assistant director of--the RichTone Chorus, Houston Horizon Chorus, and Velvet Hills Chorus. Additionally, Paula chartered and directed the Spindletop Sound Chorus in Beaumont, TX.