2018 Member of Note

Member of Note 2018

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We are pleased to celebrate our Greater NY/NJ Region 15 Members of Note!

Carol Stearns • Capitaland

Susan Dana LeViness • City of the Hills

Beatrice Manning • Evergreen

Anna Zachensky • Golden Apple

Jennifer Esposito • Greater Nassau

Susan Schuman • Harmony Celebration

Alanna Salzman • Heart of Long Island

Lois Taylor • Heart of New Jersey

MaryLou VanHandle • Hickory Tree

Linda Ann Costello • Island Hills

Kim Mann • Jersey Harmony

Jeanine Perruso Brown • Liberty Oak

Thea DiSunno • Long Island Sound

Beth LaBarge • Saratoga Soundtrack

JoAnne Coutlee • Seneca Soundwaves

Stephanie Ofshinsky • Sirens of Gotham

Barbara Hultgren • Song of the Valley

Danielle Carter • Spirit of Syracuse

Pearl Mintzer • Twin County

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Click here to view the full Member of Note profiles.

And here are some excerpts for a quick look at this year’s honorees:


Carol Stearns • Capitaland Chorus

“Carol has worn so many hats during her time in Capitaland Chorus that it's hard to know where to begin…. a wonderful and dedicated Lead… an important part of the Membership Team… Carol is also very welcoming to all visitors with her great smile…. The list goes on, but we want Carol to know that she is much loved and appreciated!”

Susan Dana LeViness • City of the Hills Chorus

“As their section leader, her encouragement makes all basses wish to do their best as singers…. It is obvious that she has spent a great deal of time preparing the classy dance steps and challenging musical exercises to start our evening’s rehearsal…. Our chorus is extremely fortunate to have a talented musical leader such as Sue.”

Beatrice Manning • Evergreen Chorus

“Bea has been an integral part of Evergreen Chorus…. She is a kind, gracious, endearing, loving member and supportive of all Evergreen endeavors. You are the Sunshine of our Lives. You are the apple of our eyes. Forever you will always be in our hearts!”

Anna Zachensky • Golden Apple Chorus

“Anna is truly committed to helping the chorus in any way she can…. She also loves to ‘entertain’ our chorus with her funny antics, clever Halloween costumes, and wonderful sense of humor! Anna is a shining example of a Sweet Adeline, a devoted chorus member and friend, and a dedicated ambassador for our chorus.”

Jennifer Esposito • Greater Nassau Chorus

“She is an A+ GNC member. She is committed to excellence and cares very much about helping our chorus achieve our goals…. She works tirelessly for our chapter, has a positive influence on our chapter, and is a GREAT ambassador for our chapter!”

Susan Schuman • Harmony Celebration Chorus

“From the minute Susan joined HCC almost a decade ago, she has selflessly given of her time and expertise…. For stepping forward both on the risers and off. For offering solutions and suggestions. For sharing your talents so freely. Susan, you are a treasured member always.”

Alanna Salzman • Heart of Long Island Chorus

“Alanna has a ‘billion’ great ideas, has a vision and work ethic to work hard to make things happen…. Alanna has been a wonderful, positive addition to our chorus and we are happy to celebrate with her!”

Lois Taylor • Heart of New Jersey Chorus

“Lois is a true Sweet Adeline and we HONJees are lucky to have her…. She puts in many hours for the betterment of the chorus…. She quietly and patiently goes above and beyond…. She is enthusiastic and patient with a wonderful sense of humor and keeps our chorus moving forward.”

MaryLou VanHandle • Hickory Tree Chorus

“If you are looking for an individual who is responsible, dependable, energetic, and tireless, we have the gal for you…. She works with a sunny smile and a good word for everyone.... What really matters is how much she cares about our chorus and its members…. For all that she does and who she is, we are proud to name her as our Member of Note.”

Linda Ann Costello • Island Hills Chorus

“One person CAN make a difference and I believe every Chorus member DOES!” Says Linda Ann, “Although I am a hard worker, I like to make learning fun, easier, more productive and accurate.”

Kim Mann • Jersey Harmony Chorus

“Kim brightens our front row each week with her lovely tenor voice, cheerful smile and enthusiasm…. We are so pleased to have Kim recognized by Region 15 for her devotion, hard work, vocal prowess, friendship, and joy that she brings to Jersey Harmony Chorus.”

Jeanine Perruso Brown • Liberty Oak Chorus

“Many members of LOC who nominated Jeanine mentioned what a great ambassador she is for Sweet Adelines and Liberty Oak Chorus because she is warm-hearted, inclusive and kind…. She is extremely approachable and her love for music is evident as her bubbly personality shines forth from the risers. Jeanine puts her heart and soul in everything she does and is a passionate and devoted member.”

Thea DiSunno • Long Island Sound Chorus

“Don’t let the flirty eyes and showgirl flash of Thea’s stage persona fool you. Underneath the glitz and glamour is a hard working business gal…. She is a strong presence on the risers, mindful of every note, breath and key change, helping to keep the chorus precise and focused.”

Beth LaBarge • Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus

“Beth approaches any job she does with dignity and grace. She maintains decorum and professionalism when dealing with different personalities and learning styles…. We congratulate and thank Beth for all she does for Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus. She is very deserving of this honor.”

JoAnne Coutlee • Seneca Soundwaves Chorus

“Her hand is the first to go up when something needs to be done for the chorus. Her cheerleading spirit is to be admired…. Jo will be moving to North Carolina [in 2019]…. We will miss her positive attitude and hard work on behalf of the chorus and feel this is our opportunity to recognize her for her thirteen years of dedicated membership in Seneca Soundwaves.”

Stephanie Ofshinsky • Sirens of Gotham Chorus

“Through a long and arduous director search, the Sirens are endlessly grateful to Stephanie for keeping our chorus moving forward…. She has a deep level of commitment to this chorus, and her passion for all that we do is unparalleled. We thank you, Stephanie, for a great year and are delighted to honor you as our Member of Note.”

Barbara Hultgren • Song of the Valley Chorus

“Barbara has always been a member whom we can count on…. Members of the chorus describe her as fun, always positive, a joy to be around, friendly, welcoming, and a team player. ‘She always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart.’ Barb has been a very dedicated member of our chapter, doing whatever she can to help our chorus to grow and improve.”

Danielle Carter • Spirit of Syracuse Chorus

“Danielle Carter is a rare find…. When Danielle steps in front of SOS, her fellow singers are inspired by her passion—and undoubtedly become better signers through her thoughtful and natural instruction….  She is a wonderful example of the magic that can happen when young women are introduced to a cappella singing, and encouraged to grow and flourish in the music.”

Pearl Mintzer • Twin County Chorus

“Pearl exemplifies the criteria sought for the Member of Note. She works tirelessly for the chapter…. She has a positive influence on the chapter in many ways…. She is an ambassador for the chapter…. She eagerly shares her talents with the chorus…. For all her varied contributions to Twin County, we enthusiastically honor Pearl as this year’s Member of Note.”