Harmony Celebration Installs New Management Team

Susie Goldberg's picture
May 17, 2019 - 8:53pm -- Susie Goldberg

On May 8, Harmony Celebration installed its new Management Team for 2019-2020.  The evening’s festivities were led by emcees Julia Bacal and Stephanie Robinson.  Joining the team as our new TC is Diane Sussuma, Janet Cebula and Peggy Bastone are the new Membership Coordinator co-chairs and Julie Enriquez and Karen Kumpf are the new Co-Financial Coordinators.  They join Grace Barreto, Events Coordinator, Emily Kaplan, Marketing Coordinator and Susie Goldberg, Communications Coordinator.  This year Scott Brannon selected Elizabeth Harris to receive the Director’s Award and the President’s Award was given to Steffi Weisman.  The evening included distributing longevity certificates and last, but not least, Heartstrings was presented with their Most Improved ribbons and Plaque from the recent Regional Competition in Albany.