When A "Monkey Wrench" Is Thrown Into Your Life

Dana Dunlevy's picture
March 29, 2018 - 9:52am -- Dana Dunlevy

Monkey Wrench quartet is excited to sing in the Open Division of this year’s Region 15 contest! We are four friends who met when we were all members of Hickory Tree Chorus. We had been busy with separate musical commitments over the years, but when a monkey wrench (or two) separated our chorus lives, we made our dream of singing together a priority while we still could.

We are so excited for our Bass, Kristen (with an ‘e’) McDonald, who is making her quartet contest debut! A long-time Sweet Adeline, she now sings and performs on the front row with Lehigh Valley Chorus, and is an Associate member of Hickory Tree Chorus. Michelle Metallo, is also making a quartet contest debut of sorts. She won many Region 15 quartet championships with Escape quartet singing Tenor, but she’ll be singing Baritone this time, for the first time in a quartet! She continues to sing with Hickory Tree Chorus, where she is now a Baritone section leader.  But, wait! There’s another debut! Veteran quartet singer, and current Bass of Region 19’s medalist Mosaic quartet, the multi-talented Shayna Atkinson is singing Lead (for the first time!) with Monkey Wrench. She is a respected learning track-maker, now singing with Liberty Oak Chorus, where she is a Bass section leader.  Dana Dunlevy, a ‘chorus Baritone,’ is singing ‘quartet Tenor’ again, as she formerly did with The Four Baris quartet. She’s an Associate member of Hickory Tree Chorus, and in denial about moving out of Region 15 to Region 9, where she is a happy member of Toast of Tampa Show Chorus. 

We are grateful for this one-time opportunity to sing together and share our message of enduring friendship and fun with the Greater NY/NJ Region 15.