International Representatives: Saratoga Soundtrack and Region 1
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Deanna Longwell Sargent, tenor with Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus,  sings with Region 1 and 13th Place 2018 International Quartet, VOCE Quartet! They'll be joining Liberty Oak, Harmony Celebration and Sirens of Gotham Choruses in St Louis 2018! 
Deanna Sargent - Tenor
Judy Sherriff - Lead
Angie Clark - Bari
Beth Paul - Bass

Our Recent News

Aug 14 2017 - 11:16am

VOCE Quartet is still riding high after our 11th place finish in Vegas ‘16’s competition.  We are comprised of 3 members from Region 1 (Judy, Beth and Angie,) who sing with Millennium Magic Chorus, and 1 member from Region 15 (Deanna), who sings with Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus.  We travel a total of about 430 miles weekly for this “seriously fun” barbershop hobby.