Quartet Ensemble Managers List

50/50 Joanne Witkower
After Hours Angela Dourdis
Aura Jeannine Brown 
Balancing Act Jennifer Wiseman
Chances Are Julia Bacal
Drive Patty Danner
Elemental Stephani Oshinsky
Exit 98 Carol Meaney
Extension Chords Esther Krutzel
Harmony Leigh Anne Dorman
Harmonics Susan Schuman
Heartstrings Elizabeth Harris
Impulse Katie Blackwood
Just4(Kicks) Jean Schoenlank
Love That Red Melissa Forbes
No Quarter Mary Austin
Relish Margo Blatt
Repeat Offenders Alexis
RICOCHET Helen Vopasek
Stolen Moments Susan Mangini
Synergy Carolyn Burroughs
Confidence Intervals Rachel Livingston
All In Lisa Fedele
No Curfew Eileen Welsh 
Sound Byte Denise Weinberger
Xstatic Cary
Spellbound Edyth Duff Lockley

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