Playing the Wildcard in Vegas

Heather Collins's picture
September 4, 2016 - 4:16pm -- Heather Collins

As I write this, just 9 regular rehearsals, 2 sendoffs, and 2 coaching sessions stand between HCC and our semifinals appearance in Las Vegas as your Wildcard Chorus Competitor. We can’t wait to hit that stage! We’re also SOOO excited Region 15 will have three chorus representatives there in 2017. Way to go, Greater Nassau, Spirit of Syracuse and Evergreen! HCC is making the most of every moment together, including our first-ever joint rehearsal with frequent Top 10 chorus AND reigning Region 15 champs GNC. Our new favorite word: “thigh-draulics.” Our new favorite performance concept: adding more animation to every character change. To our sisters in song: We’re setting our GPS coordinates for Long Island next summer. Thanks for the inspiration! To keep things fun, we divided the chorus into RAH teams that embody HCC’s Core Values: Excellence, Love, Trust, Unity, Joy, and Passion. This has been a great way to keep these ideals top-of-mind. Each group is balanced by voice part, so our director Scott Brannon can use any of them as a demonstration tool.

HCC is grateful for the amazing coaches who have lent us their expertise: Jim Arns, Betty Clipman, Carole Persinger, Renee Porzel, and Harriette Walters. A heartfelt thank-you to Scott, who hasn’t missed a beat despite the health issues faced by him and his wife Maggie. We love both of you something fierce, and your positive attitude is an amazing example. To our fellow International competitors Liberty Oak and Drive! (and special friends Famous Janes): We’re all in this together, and we couldn’t be prouder to share the International stage with you. May good luck be your friend in everything you do! — Heather Collins