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October 30, 2017 - 7:51pm -- Caroline Kruzansky

Capitaland Chorus
Director Qualifications


Below is a summary of the preferred skills and competencies for the position of Capitaland Chorus director.


Fosters collaboration and teamwork, works with chorus to create a positive vision and attainable goals.

Personal Traits

Has strong musical passion – “fire in the belly”, competitive, motivated, and charismatic

Musical/Technical Skills

Has knowledge of Barbershop craft, strong ear, can detect inaccuracies and is able to fix them, tuning, blend, accurate pitch

Vocal Skills

Demonstrates good vocal production and musical line


Is a confident individual performer, demonstrates poise, confidence and pleasure on stage


Communicates well with chorus leaders and members. Cultivates relationships and contacts with the Sweet Adelines community


Musical Educator/Mentor

Invests time and energy into her/his own education and brings knowledge to chorus



Is available for weekly rehearsals and occasional weekend coaching sessions. Availability for regional competition and international competition (if eligible) is also required

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